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Our Wakes: 2015

Valencia (17 to 25 July 2015)
Now that we are moving north along the East coast of Spain it is getting more  difficult to find reasonably priced marina's. The fact that we are in the high season is the main explanation. Valencia ( the third largest city in Spain) is an exception and the prices are very reasonable, even in the high season. We stayed a week in Valencia because we were waiting for a spare part for the engine, but also to take the time to explore the city. We visited various places such as the market, the Logia with impressive columns,  but were particularly impressed by the museum of Ceramics. The museum is located in a mansion that was formerly owned by the Marquis de Campo. The external walls of the mansion are  richly decorated but inside the furniture and the paintings are really interesting. This museum contains a rich collection of ceramics and Picasso, who once visited it, donated a few ceramic dishes he created. Today they are integrated in the museum and on the back you can see Picasso's signature. The Roman style Cathedral is also beautiful but most people visit it to see the Holy Chalice. This Chalice is the one used by Jesus Christ on Holy Thursday during the last supper. If you like modern Architecture, Valencia has many interesting buildings. Amongst them we visited the museum of science. This building from the outside is enormous and seems to capture the surrounding environment. As sailors, you also need to mention that Valencia was the place were the 32nd America's cup  race was held in 2007. Alingi, the Swiss team tried to keep their title but failed. Today the city is left with a huge complex for boats but there are unfortunately a lot of empty spaces. This is a real pity because the facilities are truly exceptional and the marina people very helpful. I sincerely hope that in the future more boats will occupy this Marina.
Holy Chalice
The Logia
Science museum
Ceramic museum
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