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Our Wakes: 2015

     Cintra (10 May 2015)
Located 20 km North of Lisbon, the city of Sintra is located in the hills and therefore has a more favorable temperature than the city in the summer. For this reason people of means have liked this city since the 14 Century. It is therefore not a surprise that the various kings of Portugal built their summer palaces in Sintra. Today it is an often visited tourist spot due to the beauty of the various palaces built there as well the scenic vegetation on the hillsides. The first palace you see when you arrive in Sintra is the National Palace. This palace was built in the 14th century and can easily be recognized as it has two big “white towers” which are in fact its kitchen's chimneys. Inside the place, you appreciate the beautiful decorations of the various rooms, especially the ceilings and the azulejos on the walls. The coat of arms room is very impressive as the ceiling is decorated with 72 blazons. Needless to say, the families whose coats of arms are represented on the ceiling are very proud today. The Pena Palace is the most impressive place in Sintra. Some people do not like it they are saying it looks more like a Disney castle because of the many towers in different colors. It is located in a beautiful park of around 200 hectares, which are open to the public. The palace is located on the highest point from where you can see the city of Lisbon, the 25 of April Bridge, as well as the Atlantic Ocean. Construction began in the 19 century and it is composed of various sections in different architectural styles. Amongst the various parts of the building open to the public is a room dedicated to the latest invention of that time, the telephone. If you happen to be in Lisbon and have some spare time, then a visit to Sintra is time well spent.
Pena Palace
National palace
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