Our Wakes: 2017

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  The Aeolian Islands: (July & Augustus 2017)
One of the most visited sites in Sicilia is the Etna followed by the Aeolien islands located north  of Sicilia close to the Messina Strait. Seven islands are part of the Aeolien islands and are  spread from North to South over a distance of about 60km. The most northern islands is the  Stromboli one of the few volcanoes that is permanently active. In fact every 20 minutes the  volcano project some lava in the air. During the day it is just a dark cloud but during the night it  can be beautifull as the lava is orange. While we were there the volcano was not very active on  our first visit but later on our second visit it was again active with beautifull eruptions at night.   The second volcanic island is Vulcano. This one is located south and it is very easy to climb to the  summit of the crater. After climbing, for about 90 minutes, to reach  400 meters altitude you  arrive at the crater of the volcano. The volcano is considered inactive. However on the borders  you have some sulfurous smokethat is comming from the volcano. Those fumes are very hot and  toxic and remind us that the volcano is in fact still active. All along the exhaust openings you  have some beautifull sulfur deposits. If you take a look of the sea you have a spectacular view of  the islands but you can also see, if the sky is clear, the Etna that dominates Sicilia.  If you go back to the port of Vulcano you can have a dip in some sulfurous mud. A good shower is  highly recommemded after this mud bath.The other islands are all different and if you have  time a one day visit to the island of Lipari and Salinas are certainly worth. We did particularely  liked Salinas as it has been very well preserved. The island is full of little houses with little  gardens. There are nearly no cars on the island. To visit the eolien islands it is very easy as many  ferries are connecing the islands with Sicilia.  
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