Rhodes and end season 2022 
After Symi we could not resist to sail towards the island of Rhodes. To reach Rhodes we had to sail  most of the time inTurkish waters but this is not an issue as long as you are a civilian boat.   North of Rhodes you have several harbors but the most interesting one is Mandraki nearby the  historical centre of the island. The entrance of the harbor is easy to recognise as you have a couple  of deers that guard the entrance.  Once moored you can visit the city with many old construction  such as the old castle located at the entrance of the harbor.    The whole port of Mandraki is protected by a big wall. If you go further you will see the commercial  harbour with numerous ferries docked. You have often two to three cruise ships as well as ferries  to go to the numerous Greek islands. Rhodes is strategically located as was was located between    the middle-East and Europa. Rhodes has always been a very important strategic island and it has  often been invaded. The first people lived on the island around  4BC but not much has been left.  Afterwards  came the Turcs, the  English, Ottoman, Italian and German invaders. The city as it  stands today has been build by the Knights from 1308 till 1521. Rodes played  an important role   during the crusades. An important community of Jews also lived on the islandas as they had little      prosecution. During world war2 many Jews from Spain took refuge on Rhodes thinking it as a safe  place until the Germans arrived in June 44. Rhodes is very touristic as it has numerous beaches and  hotels. The airport sees a constant stream of planes landing during the day. But Rhodes has so much  to offer then beaches . The archeologicak museum is a must to visit. It contains a lot of historical  artifacts.  In the past there was a hospital were the knights could be treated if they had been  wounded during the crusades. You can visit the hospital ward (60 meters long) were sick people were  treated. If you come early, at a time were you have a few visitors, the museum keepers  love to give  you more details about the history of the place and how the patient triage was done.   Next to the archeological museum you have the caste of the lords. The place was seriously damaged  in 1850 by an explsosion but Mussolini decided in 1940 that he needed this place as a summer castle.  He did some important restauration. He also started to put some furniture inside such as valuable  gifts he had received from Japan but, unfortunately for him, he never could enjoy this place. The  old city of Rhodes contain also old Greek tempels but they are  rather in poor condition.  Around the  city byou have a big wall that protected the city. The streets are covered with cobblestones and it  is often used for movies. In the morning when the place is deserted you can easily imagine the  knights speeding loudly on their houses in the street of Rhodes.  Anthony Quinn Greek actor fell in love with Rhodes when he participated in the movie the “Guns of  Navarone”.  After having visited Rhodes we sailed south towards Chalki island. the harbor is very  niceand the water very clean. Some  big ferries come in the harbor and it is scary to see them  turning in the harbor as there is not much space. someof them are turning just a few meters in  front of the sailing boats. Luckily the crew know how to do this and you have the feeling that it is  easy for them. As the water was very clean we did a dive and found debris of an old wreck at 20  meters depth, with many broken pieces of amphora. As we were at the end of the dive we did not go  deeper but I am convinced that below you have the remains o a wreck.  Having spend 2 days on Chalki we moved to Alimnia an island located 3 miles east of Chalki. The  island offers a good shelter in case of strong winds. On the hills you find the remainsof an old  castle. There is also a few buildings that were build by the Germans as during the war they had a  small group of soldiers. Some German drawings are still visible on the walls of the ruins. A monastry  is also visible on the island. Kostas has started to restore the little church and if you need a place  to rest he has two dormitories for visitors. Most of his time he takes care of the church, his  vegetable garden and some goats. Do not hesitate to greet Kostas as he like to chat with visitors  and explain his life. Once a month he takes his boat to go to Rhodes to visit his sun and buy some  supply.   The end of the season was coming soon so we moved to Kalymnos for a few days before going to  Leros were the boat was going to spend the winter. We spend a few days in Leros to prepare the  boat for the winter by removing the sails, sterilising the watermaker, disconnecting electronics  etc... Everything was readdy by the 10th of october when the boat was hauled out of the water. we  concluded that our season was very nice in the Dodécanèse even if the wind was stronger then  anticipated. We retuned to Belgium two weeks later.   
Rhodes Archeological museum       Old hospital ward Castle of the Lords Rhodes le soir Chalki Débris d’amphores Alimnia

Our Wakes: 2022

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