The Boat         

Finding Terus was a big job as we  had strict criteria derived from    our sailing experience on our  friend Tom’s boat.  Those citeria  were:   A second hand boat with a  length of more or less 50 feet  (15 meters).  A boat that had never been  chartered  A diesel Engine of 110 hp and  no saildrive   A main sail that does not furl   into the mast.  2 Cabins preferably, but no  more than 3.  Less then 1000 Engine hours.  A Boat in good condition.  A Boat located in Europe.  After long hours of surfing on the  internet and the help of a friend,  Jean Louis we found the nearly  perfect boat in the marina of  Hendaye (France). Another good  friend,  Jacques went to check the  boat and said that if we are ready  to do some serious cleaning  the  boat  was in good condition.  In early May 2014 we signed the  sale and purchase  agreement.  Another friend, Fx and four  friends brought the boat from  Hendaye to La Rochelle in the last  days of May. Everything went well  with the exception of the jib which  refused to furl back and Fx had to  climb the mast to resolve the  issue. Mid July we boarded the  boat for the first time.   
On the 8 of August we renamed the boat TERUS (meaning “straight forward” in Indonesian) Gone is Black Pearl; and long live Terus!
Of course the first sip of champagne was according to the tradition for Neptune (God of the seas).
After Neptune it was our turn.
Finding the dream boat:
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Black Pearl in the marina of Hendaye (France)
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