Our Wakes: 2015

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To Gibraltar (19 June-1 July 2015)
On the first of July, Terus entered the Mediterranean sea passing the famous cape of Gibraltar. Crossing Gibraltar is not difficult if you make sure the tide, wind and currents due to the wind are all good and it is highly recommended that you check the weather forecast before deciding to cross the straight. The sea traffic can also be very intense, but the day we entered the Mediterranean sea everything was perfect and traffic was light. The place were the current is the strongest is at the Spanish city of Tarifa as this is the point where the passage between Europe and Africa is the narrowest. The Gibraltar Mountain is quite impressive seen from the sea. Once you can see the bay you encounter many big cargos ships waiting to be unloaded. Every boat that enters the Gibraltar Bay has to request clearance from the Vessel Traffic Service (VTS on channel 12) including sailing boats like Terus. If you plan to step down in Gibraltar you need to go through Customs formalities as Gibraltar is not part of the Schengen area. The Customs form is very clear; if you have more alcohol than the limit allowed you must pay duty. This is a strange regulation since you can buy alcohol, cigarettes and fuel duty free in Gibraltar. Terus did of course refill the fuel tank. When leaving Gibraltar we had a beautiful view of the lighthouse with a mosque just behind it.
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