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Our Wakes: 2015

Porto: (14 -24 April 2015)
When you arrive in Porto by sea you are impressed by the very high bridges that  dominate the Douro river at a height of about 70 meters. The Douro river that ends  in the ocean at Porto has over the years created a unique landscape with a deep valley  that goes more than 100km further inland. The city is located on high up, but it is  nearly impossible to visit the city if you stay at the same level so it is essential to  plan your itinerary carefully, otherwise you may up climbing more then you need. If  you go inland, you will see the deep valley which forced the vineyards to be stepped. The city started trading with England in 1603, but the height of the trade between  Porto and England was in the 17 and 18 centuries when France and England were at  war. During those centuries, no trade between France and England was possible, in  particular the wine trade. Porto is truly a fascinating city with many sites to visit. We  did spend several days visiting Porto as there is so much to see. Certain places  deserve special mention because they are unique, such as the lost step room of the  São Bento train station with walls covered by 20.000 azulejos (blue ceramic tiles).  The Lello book-store, build in 1906, has an impressive staircase with 2 wings with a  double orientation.  It is considered by many as the most beautifull book-store in the  world. Of course a visit to the Porto cellars is mandatory because they explain the  process used for making Porto wine. at ther end of the visit there is also some  tasting. There are also numerous churches covered in blue ceramic tiles. The picture  below are only a selection of the more beautiful places. Do not hesitate to click on  the hyper-links for more details.  
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