Our Wakes: 2015

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La Ciotat to Bormes-les-Mimosas:  (8 September - 30 October 2015)
September was a month in which we had several visitors and we decided that we would sail  between the city of La Ciotat and Cavalaire located in the south of France. This region has a very  nice coastline but is also totally protected as it has two islands that are part of the National Park  and we wanted to share it with our visitors. The islands of Port-Cros and Porquerolles are totally  protected.  In early September we had to take shelter at the marina of St-Mandrier-sur-Mer as  the wind was strong. Once conditions improved, we sailed towards the islands. In the summer, the  island of Porquerolles sees uninterrupted arrivals of charter boats that each bring more the 100  tourist who visit the island for the day. The people enjoy cycling, walking or sunbathing on the  island. In the evening, the island is calm as all the tourist have left. Only a few boats can stay  around the island and drop anchor in well defined areas. We spent several nights moored close to  the Plage d’Argent and the Bay of Allicastre.   The island of Port-Cros is smaller and attracts fewer visitors but the harbour is a real beauty. It  is totally prohibited to drop anchor in front of the harbour, but mooring buoys are provided if you  want to stop. The buoys are free during the day, but if you wish to stay the night, a fee is  requested. We therefore decided to go on the north East side of the island were a little bay  called Port Man gives good shelter at no cost. Around the island of Port Cros there are also a few  beautiful wrecks (the Donator and the Grec) and it is no surprise to see many dive boats around  them. One evening we also moored close to Cape  Brégançon were the French President has his  official summer residence. As it was already late September, we were the only ones that spent  the night in this beautiful spot.    At the end of September, bad weather was announced and we took shelter in the marina of  Bormes-Les-Mimosas were we had made a reservation for six months. The weather indeed became very bad as we had winds of 7 to 8 Beauforts. The nearby regions of Cannes and Nice were  affected by heavy rain and flooding that killed 20 people. Bormes les Mimosas was not affected  by the heavy rains. Terus is now moored in the marina of Bormes les Mimosas were she will stay  until the end of March. During the winter months, we will do some repairs and maintenance work  on the boat as well as install the water maker. Our first season on Terus has come to an end. We  sailed from the North West of Spain to Bormes-les-Mimosas and enjoyed every moment. Yes a  very positive experience.
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