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Our Wakes: 2017

Roma 2017: (March- April 2017)
On the 4 of March we returned to Roma to start the 2017 season. The boat was in good condition except for the dust and bird droppings on the outside. So the first job was to clean the boat. After that we also decided to have the antifouling done as it was three years that the submarine part of Terus had not been cleaned. As we were not allowed to stay on board during the antifouling job, we decided to visit the cities of Siena and Assisi. Later in April, we also decided to visit Pompeii in one day as a lot of people told us that Naples was not recommended for sailors. Either the marina is cheap but does not provide much security or the marina is very expensive although well secured. The big advantage of visiting those places early in the season is that not many tourists are present, which of course makes it more pleasant. Before leaving Rome we will further update this page so please come back. During our stay in Rome we realized that Easter is a really big celebration in Italy. Easter Sunday is one of the few days on which nearly all the shops are closed like the 1st of May when everything is closed for Labor Day. In the supermarket, many of the shelves are filled with big chocolate Easter eggs. These eggs will make a lot of kids happy as they are decorated with their TV heroes. I now realized why my parents told me that the Easter Bells came from Rome. It is because Easter eggs can be bought easily in Rome by the zillions in the supermarkets. We also had planned to visit Villa d'Este, a beautiful mansion  with lots of decoration inside  and a  marvelous garden. We left Rome at 9am to catch a train at 11:20 only to find out that the train was cancelled and that we had to wait  at the station for another hour. At 2pm we finally arrived in Tivoli, only to find out that the villa's doors were closed because it was Monday. In short, we spent more the 8 hours on the trains for nothing.  Next time, we will make sure to check on the internet if the place is open or not.
Lifting Terus
Cleaning Terus
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