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Our Wakes: 2019

Back to Preveza via the Corinth canal: (September-October 2019)
Mid-September, we started to move slowly towards Prevaza so that we could prepare the boat  for the winter. This time, we decided to take the short way by not going around the  Peloponnese, but by going through the Corinth Canal. This canal started to be built by the Roman  emperor in the year 67 but quickly had to be stopped because of the technical difficulties. It  was only in 1893 that the canal was officially opened. It is 25 meters wide, 8 meters deep and  6,343 meters   long.  In some places along the canal, the cliffs are 63 meters high. It is very impressive to go  through the canal even if  it only takes 34 minutes to complete the  crossing. Sometimes, you  can see big boats like passenger ferries going  through the canal and getting close to the walls.  All the passengers are on deck to watch the passage. Once you have passed through the canal  you arrive in the Gulf of Corinth which we have sailed before. So, we stopped again  in places like Itea, Messolonghi and Trizonia. On the way we met some group of dolphins that swam next to  Terus for about 30 minutes.We managed  this time to stop for one night in the harbour of  Galixidi, a beautifull village with no modern buildings. If you happen to visit this place, we can  also recommend a restaurant called O’Bebelis. A friend of ours had recommended it and we were  very pleasantly surprised. In Messolongi, we were moored next to the yacht Christina O. That  was owned in the past by Onassis. It was being prepared for a charter trip in the Arabian sea.  On the 8th of October, we arrived in Preveza to prepare Terus for the winter. It took us some  time to prepare everything, but we met the deadline of the 15 of October to be lifted. On the  23rd, we were back in Athens and the next day flew back to Belgium and started our  preparations for the next season. 
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