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Our Wakes: 2015

                           This little harbor is located 100 km north of Lisbon. Nazaré has much to offer as it is                    a historical site, a seaside resort and a worldwide known spot  for surfing as the                    biggest ever surfed wave in the world has been in Nazaré  on the 11  December 2014 with a wave estimated to be 30 meters high. This village is  also a well-known fishing place and the city preserves the history of the fishing community by having on the beach some ancient boats and women who dry there fish for the tourist. Nazaré is a city separated in two with the highest part situated 100 meter high on the cliffs and connected to the lower part by a funicular. On the higher part you have several historical buildings such as a fort, a church and of course a unique view on the ocean and the lower part of the city. The lower part of the city is essentially a seaside place but if you walk inside the town you will walk in small streets were people have a little barbecue on the street as well as hanging their clothes to dry.
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Nazaré (1-4 May 2015)