Our Wakes: 2016

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From Cannes to Corsica crossing: (2 June 2016) 
On 31 of May we welcomed two friends from Jakarta on board to sail to the island of Corsica also  known as the beautiful island and I must say that this name is well desserved. Due to weather  constraints, we decided to make the crossing on the 2 of June leaving early (4am) in the morning.  The crossing to Calvi is about 94 miles(174 km) so we expected a long journey. At first, the sea  was very quiet and the wind was very weak, but later the wind gradually increased and by early  afternoon had built up to 30 knots with 3 meters waves. The boat behaved very well in these  conditions and our speed at the end of the day, exceeded 9 knots. Shortly before reaching Calvi,  we were greeted by a group of Dolphins but the sea conditions did not allow us to take pictures.  15 hours after leaving Cannes we finally saw the fortress of Calvi and we soon docked in the  marina were we were well protected. We were all very tired, but happy to be in Corsica.  After one day's rest we resumed our southerly cruise. The views of the island are spectacular.  The water so clear and the cliffs that are emerging from the sea are very impressive. We passed  the natural reserves of la Revelatta and Scandola, and even anchored in the last one for lunch.  Being alone and hearing only birds and wild goats on the rocks was an interesting experience. Even  if we were just starting our Corsican trip, we were already convinced that this island is unique  and we would certainly enjoy the remaining parts of the coast. 
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