Our Wakes: 2015

La Corunya -Portosin (17 March - 2 April) On the 17 of March, we left la Corunya as the weather was finally good for our next leg towards Camarinas. Unfortunately, we could not stay there as the northern wind made the mooring very uncomfortable. We moved on the 19 of March towards Muxia located 2 miles away. We were the only sail boat in Muxia  but it offered us excellent protection from the northerly winds which blew at up to 49 knots (90km/h) one night. After one week, the low pressure area had moved away allowing us to sail towards Portosin were a technician was  going to finalize the connections of the newly purchased genset. We had no sun for the leg towards Portosin just a lot of rain and fog. But the wind was very good and allowed us to make good progress with the sails with  speed recorded above 8 knots. We also were greeted by a large group of about 50 dolphins as well as a replica of one of Columbus boat the Niña without sails.
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