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Our Wakes: 2015

      Guimarães (18 April 2015)
100 km from Porto lies the city of Guimarães. This city is considered as the  birthplace of Portugal as the first king of Portugal Alfonso Henriques I in the 12  century lived here. This city is very well preserved and can luckily only be visited by  foot. You will find several churches but also the impressive palace of the Dukes of  Braganza  that has been restored.  Inside the palace you find ancient tapestry  representing some historical battles. Of the 3 floors of the palace 2 can be visited by  the public but the third floor is today reserved for the president of the Republic of  Portugal. We also loved he castle located close to the Duke palace and the church of  St Francois as well as the sacristy that contains many historical artefacts. 
Palace of the Dukesl
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