Our Wakes: 2015

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Muros (SP) to Viana do Castelo (P): (2 April -8 April 2015)
The region of Galice is truly a magnificent place to sail and I can only recommend sailors to visit  it. Our navigations from Muros to the different ports of Spain was easy although we would have  preferred a little bit more winds. A few little stories to report. During our cruise towards  Baiona we made a lot of pictures of fishing boats bringing their nets up. Suddenly they made a  sign to us to come closer and soon we got 2 golden bream fishes on board. Thank you very much  and I can confirm they were delicious.  The autopilot also decided to give us some trouble during the cruises luckily in Vigo they had  the spare part and everything was fixed in less then a day. At various occasion did we have the  impressions that some dead fishes were floating on the surface with a fin that was protruding  in the air. Upon closer look we discovered that the fins were  from the sunfishes that were  sunbathing on the surface. By leaving Spain for Portugal we can say that we have always been  very well received in all the  marinas we visited. A particular thanks for Lorena and her crew in  Corunya, Pedro in Muros, Carmela of Portosin and the people of Muxia. You all have been very  helpful each time we asked. On the 8 of April we crossed the border and entered Portugal a  new country to discover. But we know that after Portugal we will return to Spain on our way to  Gibraltar. 
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