Our Wakes: 2016

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  From Sardinia to Elba: (17-29 September 2016)
Before we reached Elba we sailed up north along the east side of Corsica. We were joined by  friends for  this journey. First Philip and Christou and later Brian jumped on board. The first  interesting place of the trip was located south of Corsica close to Bonifacio. The Lavezzi islands   consist of numerous  large blocs of granite that are clustered together. This place is a natural  park and totally  protected but in the past several rich families managed to build some luxurious  houses there. Luckily, their construction did respect the landscape and the islands are still very  beautiful. On the 15 February 1855 a drama took place here. The Semillante a frigate sailing from  Toulon (France) carrying  soldiers to  Russia sank  here. On board 686 people perished as the ship was caught in one of the biggest sea storms ever in the  Mediterranean. No survivors were found and only the body  of the captain and the priest could be  identified because of their uniforms. Today this is the biggest disaster that has ever occurred in  the Mediterranean. After sailing around the islands we moved to the city of Porto Vecchio. We  were forced to stay there for three days as there were strong winds outside the bay.  We  repaired  our windlass as the motor needed to be replace. Once repaired, the sea was calmer and  we headed north to visit Rondinara Bay. On the postcards it looked like a tropical bay with blue  sea and white sand but we were disappointed as we could not use photoshop to improve our view.  If you happen to pass there it is worth visiting but it is not like the postcards. We spent the night  close to Rondinara and the next morning we woke up early to sail to Elba island.   First we had little wind, but before lunch time the wind allowed us to reach Elba at good speed.  We anchored near Cape Morrocone. This was the worst mooring we ever had so far with Terus due to the swell. It was thus without regret that we left our mooring to go in the port of Azzuro. This  place is nice with little houses that are typical of this part of Italy. The next day,  we decided to  go around the island  in an anti-clockwise direction  to Portomarciana. We carefully avoided the  port of Portoferrairo as big ferries were constantly carrying visitors to and from there. Napoleon  arrived on the 4 of May 1814 in this city. He was given the island by the English and the authority  building roads,  schools  etc. But Napoleon dreamed of greater territories and escaped from the island on the 26 of April 1815  to Corsica. Portomarciana is a nice little place that is very well preserved and you have the  impression the village is still as it was 100 years ago. The next morning, we left the marina to  complete our round trip around the island. On the west side of the island we could see the island  of Corsica 52km away. We anchored for the night in a lovely cove called Golfo di Campo. This cove  is all green and only two houses are visible. A truly magnificent place. The day after we had to  land our friends on the island as they had a plane to catch to Pisa. We continued towards the  continent at Punta Alla were Brian joined us. After a night on the continent, we decided to return  to Elba as we wanted to show Brian how beautiful this place is. We stopped at the same places as  we did with our friends before. But Brian had also a plane to catch on the 1 of October so we set  sail towards Rome on the 28 of September. 
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