Sanxenxo to Baiona: (2 April - 8 April 2015)
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Our Wakes: 2015

We expected Sanxenxo to be an important marina as they are one of the official places of  the  Volvo Race boats. Indeed when we arrived we saw two Volvo boats along the jetty but they had  no mast and  had retired from the race a long time ago. In  fact the city has nothing typical to  offer except a bay with a great beach, numerous restaurants a few ships-chandlers.    Unfortunately a very noisy disco  keeps people awake till 7am. In short, not the kind of city we  liked and we decided to move the next morning to Combarro as  recommended by other sailors.    Combarro: (4-5 Avril 2015) 7 miles of Sanxenxo Combarro is at the end of the Ria de Pontevedra. It is a small quiet harbour that does not  follow the example of Sanxenxo. The attraction of this village are the 37 “Horreo”(construction  to store grain) along the shoreline. The day we visited was an official holiday so a lot of people  were visiting the place. Difficult in those conditions to make beautiful pictures and several  “Horreo” are hidden behind restaurants,  bars or souvenir shops. Despite this, the visit is well  worth. Along the way several panels provide useful information about the houses. The houses of  the fisherman had a view of the sea and the others houses belonging to practitioners of other  professions had no view of the sea at all. Cies island and Vigo: (5-7 Avril 2015) 27 miles of Combarro On our way to Vigo we decided to anchor  a few hours along the island of Cies. This island is  classified as a natural reserve and a permit is required to anchor there. At this time of the  year the island was still deserted with only a few visitors. At the end of the afternoon we  sailed towards Vigo one of the biggest port of Spain. The marina was located between 2  commercial harbors and had not much to offer so we decided to move to Baiona.  Baiona: (7 to 8 April 2015 13 miles of Vigo) Arriving in Baiona is impressive as the fortress of Monterreal dominates and protect the  harbor.The fortress is surrounded by a three kilometre wall that was built in the XIth century.  Today everybody is allowed to visit this fortress  and enjoy  a unique view of the sea, the city  and the nearby Cies islands.The city is also very proud to tell you that Baiona was the first  place the boat la Niña reached on the 1 of March 1493 after having discovered the Americas.  Chritopher Columbus reached a few days later Portugal on board of le Pinta. As at that time no  modern means of communication existed it can be safely said that Baiona was the first city in  the world that got  the news. A replica of the Niña is visible in the harbor to  honor this unique  historical event. 
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